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Amazon account reinstatement

Our team of professionals can help you understand the details of your suspension and develop a plan to get your account reinstated. With our assistance, you can get your account reinstated and get back to business with minimal hassle.

If you’re an Amazon seller and your account has been suspended, it can be a major disruption to your business. At Insideium, we offer Amazon account reinstatement services to help you get your account back up and running.

Whether your suspension was due to Intellectual property violation, Inauthentic or Restricted product, ODR (Order defect rate), VTR (Valid tracking rate), Fluctuating Shipping Template, Drop shipping Policy Violation, Counterfeit Complaints, Failed Verification, Related account Suspension, Sales Velocity, Used Sold as New or Feedback/Sales rank violation or any other reason.

Suspension types we’ve successfully appealed:

  • Trademark violation
  • Copyright infringement

  • Patent infringement

  • Inauthentic product

  • Restricted products

  • ODR (Order defect rate)

  • VTR (Valid tracking rate)

  • Fluctuating Shipping template

  • Drop shipping Policy Violation

  • Counterfeit Complaints

  • Failed Verification

  • Related account Suspension

  • Sales Velocity

  • Used Sold as New

  • Feedback/Review/Sales rank violation

  • Forged and manipulated documents

  • Not as described

  • Buyer Complaint

  • Price Gauging

  • Late Shipment rate (LSR)

  • Locked Account

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